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How to Research like a Professor

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Instructor: Dr. Sabrina Weiss
5-10 students
Suggested Age Ranges: 12+
Meets: Wednesdays, 8:45 am to 9:45 am Pacific time

Course Description:

If you want to know more about a topic, what do you do?  Research!

Research is a systematic way of collecting data, organizing it into meaningful groupings, analyzing it in a consistent manner, and reporting it honestly to others.  We need to do this so others take what we say seriously, and so we can trust that others who research are being straightforward about what they are reporting.

In this class, we will discuss what it means to do research, how we should do research so we can be ethical and honest, and practice reporting on our findings so that we give credit to sources and share what we know in ways that others can understand and use effectively for future research.




Week 1: Introduction – What is “research”?  Why is research important? What is a “research question”? 

Week 2: Types of Research – What are different ways that we answer research questions?  What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative research? What are some research methods that can be used, and when is each method useful?

Week 3: Sources – How do you find good sources for research?  How do you identify inappropriate sources?                       

Week 4: Bias – What is “bias”?  Why is it bad for research?  Is it always bias if you have a preference or argue for something?       

Week 5: Credit – How can you give credit to a source that helped you with your research?  Why do we give credit?   What is a citation style?

Week 6: Qualitative Research - What is qualitative research?  What kinds of questions can it answer? How do we do qualitative research? 

Week 7: BREAK  (Homework: Ethnographic observation)

Week 8: Quantitative Research - What is quantitative research?  What kinds of questions can it answer? How do we do quantitative research?

Week 9: Designing a Research Project - What are the parts of a research project?  How do you write a proposal, and why do you want to do so? 4

Week 10: Good Practices for Research - Human subjects research, data management

Week 11: How to Avoid Bad Research - Research misconduct, plagiarism, consequences

Week 12: How to Share Your Research - How do you explain your research to others?  Does audience matter?

Week 13: Final Project Start: What is your research question? What will your method be?

Week 14: Project Proposal: Present your research project proposal and receive feedback.

Week 15: Research Update: What are you doing in your project?  Have you encountered any challenges? 

Week 16: Final Project: Student presentations

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