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Science: a Way of Knowing

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Instructor: Dr. Sabrina Weiss
5-10 students
Suggested Age Ranges: 11+
Meets: Wednesdays, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Pacific time

Course Description:

What is science? This class will look at science as a way of knowing the world around us. 

How is science done? We will discuss how science is done in standard practice and why it is that way.
Who is science? Who does science? Who can be a scientist?  Are there ways that science excludes some people?  What does this mean for the quality of science that is done?

When is science? We will also discuss how scientific practices came to be and what science means to society.

Why is science sometimes controversial? We will discuss why science and other parts of society, like public health and lawmaking or policy can conflict with science.




Week 1: Introduction - What is science?  How does science affect us?  What do scientists do?

Week 2: Defining Science - science vs technology, branches of science, scientific research and practice

Week 3: Media and Science: How is science portrayed in TV and movies?  Is it accurate? 

Week 4: Who are scientists?  What do you need to do to become a scientist?

Week 5: Where did science come from?  History of science across cultures part 1.

Week 6: Where did science come from?  History of science across cultures part 2.

Week 7: BREAK  (Homework: Research a culture and something scientific they did)

Week 8: Exploring fields of science: share what you found out about a type of science!

Week 9: Science and Technology: How do they affect each other?

Week 10: Science and Values: How does science affect values?  How do values affect science?

Week 11: Science and Policy: How does science affect laws and policies?  How do laws and policies affect science?

Week 12: Science and Controversies

Week 13: Scientific Careers

Week 14: Final project: choose your topic, brainstorm

Week 15: Project update: how is your project going?  Peer feedback and support

Week 16: Final project presentations - share your project

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