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Chemistry II

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Instructor: Trina Overgaard Toups
5-10 Students
Suggested Age Ranges: 9-12, 11-14
Meet: Tuesdays at 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm Pacific time


Created for students who have completed Introduction to Chemistry, and open to students who understand the basics of the periodic table, atomic and molecular structure, as well as bonding and polarity. Together we will learn to interpret chemical equations. We will engage in tests as we explore what it means for chemical bonds to break, atoms to rearrange, and for molecules to form. I will provide readings as an introduction to the concept that will be covered in class. We will perform in class tests or experiments using harmless household chemicals, with an optional writing portion for each experiment. Most of our source material is provided by the American Chemical Society middle school curriculum.

PrerequisitesIntroduction to Chemistry or equivalent


Week 1: A Deeper Look at the Periodic Table of Elements
Week 2: Molecular & Formula Weights
Week 3: What is a Chemical Reaction?
Week 4: Chemical Nomenclature
Week 5: Forming a Precipitate
Week 6: Balancing Chemical Equations
Week 7: Temperature & Rate of a Chemical Reaction
Week 8: Mole Concept
Week 9: A Catalyst & The Rate of a Reaction
Week 10: Using Chemical Change to Identify an Unknown (part one)
Week 11: Using Chemical Change to Identify an Unknown (part two)
Week 12: Energy Changes in Chemical Reactions
Week 13: Ph & Color Change
Week 14: Neutralizing Acids & Bases
Week 15: Carbon Dioxide Can Make a Solution Acidic
Week 16: Review Games

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